Server Lifting BrickMoving Fully Populated Cabinets

Data centers are in a constant state of flux. The demand for faster equipment, greater data storage and changes in corporate strategies all drive the need for equipment moves in the DC. Some of the reorganization would be well served with the ability to transport the entire loaded cabinet.

What? Transport The Entire Loaded Cabinet? Blasphemy!

Can you believe some self-proclaimed data center gurus still to trumpet the perils of moving an entire cabinet? “The equipment is too valuable to risk it!” they say. “The hardware may suffer damage! Keep doing it the way it’s been done for generations – pull out each device, move it, store it and then transport the empty cabinet. Position the cabinet then painstakingly reassemble the pieces. That’s the way we’ve always done it!” say the high priests.

Are you kidding me? That’s like moving a house one brick at a time! If you’re reading this you know how much work is involved in moving even a couple cabinets that way. Those gurus are often the same people that work for organizations that make their money by moving your equipment around.

Hmmm! Could it be they haven’t heard about the RackLift RL5000E Cabinet Lifter? Could it be they know about it but don’t own one yet? Maybe they make more money by moving one brick at a time. If they had a RackLift they’d get the job done faster, better and cheaper.