RackLift™ RL600C  | 650LB Manual Device Lifter

Shortened Device Lifter For POD and Container Access

RackLift Server Lift In use

RackLift Device Lift With 650 Pound Lifting Capacity

The RL600C is a manual device lifter built to your height specifications. It is used to safely, easily and efficiently lift up to 650 pounds in a “container data center” or “POD” with low doorways. It can also be made with extra height to reach taller cabinets found in some data centers.

The tray table extends 24 inches into the rack space for easy and complete insertion of equipment.

RackLift RL600C Device Lifter


Lifting Capacity650 lbs./295 kg
Lifting Heightdepends on your height specification
Choose between XX RU and YY RU
Rack Size SupportedStandard 19 inch racks. Expand to 23 inches with optional adapter plates.
Insertion DistanceExtends 24 inches into receiving rack
Insertion Clearance Height1.70 inches 4.3 cm
RackLift Spin RadiusRackLift rotates in the aisle 42.2” inches/107 cm

Physical Dimensions

HeightDepends on your height specification
Choose between XX inches and YY inches
Width28 in/71 cm
Depth25 in/63 cm
WeightTypically between 350lbs./ xx kg to 390lbs/ xx kg
depending on your height selection
Lift SystemSafety Auto Brake hand winch – auto-lock upon release
FinishPowder Coat, Nickel Plated Hardware Stainless Steel Slides
Freight Dimensions and Weight32 X 37 X H88″ 420 lbs./191 kg