RACKLIFT™ RL1065 Electric Tug

The RackLift Express RL1065 electric tug is a versatile and efficient tool designed for multiple industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, retail, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and linen & laundry. Its compact design enables easy navigation through narrow spaces, suitable for corridors and manufacturing aisles, handling loads up to 5000 pounds. The tiller head is ergonomically crafted for adjustable height, catering to different operator needs. While the RL1065 model offers a comprehensive range of hitches for single or multiple cart towing, custom solutions are available from our engineering team for specific requirements. Additionally, a more powerful variant, the RackLift Express RL1065-HD, is available.

Specifications Overview:

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 5000 lbs on a flat surface.
  • Incline Compatibility: Capable of operating on 30-degree inclines with a reduced load capacity.
  • Dimensions: Length is 25 inches and width is 24 inches.
  • Speed Settings: Variable speed ranging from 0 to 1.5 mph on a low setting and 0 to 3.0 mph on a high setting.
  • Battery: 70 Ah AGM type, offering approximately 8 hours of operation.
  • Battery Charger: Includes an internal charger compatible with 120/240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, and meets UL, cUL, CE standards.
  • Recharging Time: Approximately 4 hours.
  • Parking Brake: Features an electromagnetic parking brake.
  • Chassis: Constructed from welded steel with a powder-coated finish.
  • Drive Wheel: Puncture-proof and non-marking.
  • Operating Temperature Range: From -40° C to +70° C.
  • Charging Temperature Range: From -23° C to +60° C.
  • Noise Level: Below 65 dBA.
  • Ingress Protection: Rated IP 42 for the main unit and IP 54 for the controller.

Safety Features:

  • Horns: A standard 68 dB horn, with an optional 115 dB horn for industrial settings.
  • Emergency Stop: An emergency belly button stop switch is included.
  • Dead Man Operation: Controlled stop function when the operator releases the controls.
  • Automatic Holding Brake: Prevents unintended cart movement on inclines.

Other Features:

  • Ergonomics: Award-winning adjustable ergonomic user control and handle design with thumb wheel controls.
  • Battery Life: Deep cycle AGM batteries offer more than twice the lifespan of standard AGM batteries.
  • Operation Indicators: Includes power on, hi/low speed switches, and an illuminated battery charge indicator.
  • Certifications: UL/cUL, CE listed on-board smart charging system.

RackLift Express RL1065 electric tug

RackLift Express RL1065 electric tug

RackLift Express RL1065 electric tug

This technical description highlights the RackLift Express RL1065’s adaptability, safety, and ergonomic design, making it a reliable choice for various industrial applications.