RackLift™ Data Center Products

RackLift Server Lift In use

Server Lifters


RL 600S is the standard version RackLift. It is a manual server lifter suitable for the majority of data centers.
Without RackLift, heavy servers are laboriously stripped of power supplies, fans and modules to make them lighter for lifting manually. Once installed all those components are reinserted. This time-consuming, labor-intensive task can be avoided with a single technician installing a fully assembled device, safely and easily.



RL 600C is similar to the RL600S and is custom built to your height specifications.


RackLift RL5000E Server Rack Lifter

Cabinet Lifters


The RL5000E Rack Lifter provides a safe method to move heavy loads such as Staged Server Cabinets, Battery UPS, and Computer Room Cooling Units up to 5,000 lbs.