Server Lifters and Jacks

If your facility doesn’t have the right server lifters, or if your employees lift equipment by hand, your equipment could be dropped and damaged, costing you money and time. Additionally, your workers are at risk because installing and removing heavy equipment can lead to back injuries, torn ligaments, and pulled muscles.

Keep your data center safe for your devices and for your employees. With server lifters or a server jack from RackLift, you can lift equipment into data center cabinets quickly, easily, and without risking injury.

Make Your Facility Safe and Efficient

All of our server lifters and jacks come with a full year’s warranty on all parts, including the battery. Additionally, our server lifters are front loading, which makes your employees’ jobs safer and easier. You’ll find our equipment to be maneuverable, adjustable, and easy to use—check out our demo videos to see how our equipment works.

Choose a server lifter or jack from RackLift to solve your problem. We offer a variety of models to fit your needs. You can see your options below, sorted by how many pounds they can lift, or you can check our comparison chart. Click on the models you’re interested in to see more information. If you’d like to know more 


RL600S650lb Manual Server Lift

RL600C650lb Containment Access Height

RL700E750lb Electric Battery Lift


RackLift RL5000E
5000lb Server Rack Lifter