RL3500S cabinet lifter

The RL3500S is a manual lift engineered for the seamless lifting and transportation of fully loaded cabinets, supporting weights of up to 5000 lbs.
This rack mover empowers a single technician to effortlessly relocate a server cabinet from one location to another.
By enabling the movement of fully loaded cabinets, your data center stands to save valuable time typically spent on uninstalling and reinstalling devices merely for cabinet relocation.
The RL3500S accommodates a range of racks, whether empty or fully populated. It proves versatile in lifting and moving cabinets, and its utility extends to temporarily raising cabinets for floor access or lifting cabinets from a pallet.
Crafted from lightweight and durable 704 aluminum, this tool ensures enhanced durability. As the ideal rack mount lift for your data center, the RL3500S allows a single operator to relocate data center cabinets easily and safely, streamlining your operational efficiency.


The RL3500S consists of two units working in tandem – one on each end of the server cabinet. Both units have a foot which is placed under the cabinet as a lifting platform.  The cabinet is then strapped between the two sections. The operator rotates the handle on one of the lifts to raise the cabinet slightly off the floor.  The process is repeated on the other lift until the load clears the floor.  The frictionless ball screw technology enables anyone to effortlessly lift up to 5000 pounds/ 2268 kg.

During transport the weight is evenly spread across eight dual non marking antistatic castor wheels to distribute the load on raised floors.   Once the desired position is achieved the load is lowered to the floor and the units removed.  Optional Shoe and upper Pinch Blocks for Cabinet Side or 31″/79cm cabinet widths available at time of order.

RackLift™ RL3500S Benefits

  • Rack Mount Lift Supports Up To 5000 Pound, 2268 kg.  Cabinets
  • Operation Requires Only A Single Operator
  • Safe And Easy To Use
  • High Ratio Gearing Mechanism
  • Light Weight 704 Aluminum, Small Footprint
  • Reduces Lost-Time Injuries
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Equipment Damage
  • Accurate Alignment
  • Easy-To-Use And Maneuver
  • Load Remains In Place When Crank Is Released
  • Precise Height Control
  • Adapts To Any Standard 19″ Or 24″ Racks
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction For Durability
  • Compact design For Easy Use And Storage


Lifting Capacity5,000 lbs. 2,268 kg.
Lifting HeightLifts to 13 inches
Rack Size SuportedLifts any Size Rack
Insertion Distace1.70 inches 4.3 cm
Insertion Clearance Height1.70 inches 4.3 cm
RackLift Spin RadiusRack Depth plus 14 inches 35.5 cm

Physical Dimensions

Weight114lbs per side
Lift SystemTubular Swivel Side Wind Jack
FinishZinc Powder Coat
Freight Dimensions and Weight320lbs Wooden Crate Integrated Pallet