RackLift™ 600RS  | 650LB Manual Switch Lifter

600RS With Dell Server

600RS RackLift With Open Back Design Accommodates Over-sized Loads

RackLift Bi-Directional Sliding Lift Table

Don’t allow your data center technicians to manually lift a server. Lift servers only using a RackLift switch lifter.  The new RackLift model 600RS lifter incorporates new innovations and lifts servers weighing up to 650 pounds, 295 kg.

Rackmount devices are getting heavier and deeper.  Now data centers need a device lift able to carry an oversized load, centered on the lift table. This is what the 600RS does thanks to the open-back design. Larger and longer servers can now be loaded in from the front or backside of the unit.  This innovation allows you to keep expensive equipment centered and balanced during transport.  The 600RS uses a side balanced, double-cabled lift table.  It is ideally suited for lifting many of the new servers with weight/balance issues that house all the hard drives on one side.

The Bi-Directional Sliding Lift Table is standard equipment on all new 600RS models. It gives you the flexibility of sliding equipment in or out from either direction.

Now anyone can safely and easily lift and install an oversized server. Lift it using the RackLift 600RS to install these larger devices in tight spaces and containment aisles. This data center lift can be operated by anyone with average physical strength, thanks to the high ratio gearing winch.

Before you lift another server, lift your finger and click on our FREE Data Center Lift Guide.

RackLift with extending tray table

Tray Table Extends 24 Inches Into Rack Space

Safety is a priority. Reduce the risk of injury from manually lifting a server. Lift devices in your data center only using a RackLift switch lifter. When the user releases the handle, the winch brake automatically engages.  Wheel brakes and included safety straps add to the stability during lifting. For maximum safety the straps fasten RackLift to the cabinet during lifts.  No other lifter on the market supports this function.

The tray table extends 24 inches, 61 cm into the rack space.  Maneuverability is a breeze as the 600RS rotates 360° in an aisle as narrow as 42.2 inches, 107 cm.

If you need to lift entire, fully-loaded cabinets see our RL5000E.  Instead of removing every server, lift the entire cabinet – servers and all.

RackLift with winch brake that releases automatically when the user releases the handle.

Winch Brake Engages Automatically When Handle Is Released


Lifting Capacity650 lbs./ 295 kg
Lifting HeightLifts to 40RU
Rack Size SupportedStandard 19”/ 42 cm racks or 23”/ 51 cm racks
Insertion DistanceExtends 24”/ 61cm into receiving rack
Insertion Clearance Height1.70”/ 4.3 cm
RackLift Spin RadiusRotates in a two-tile aisle 42.2”/ 107 cm

Physical Dimensions

Height82.75”/ 210 cm
Width28”/ 71 cm
Depth25”/ 63 cm
Weight370 lbs./ 168 kg
Lift SystemSafety auto-brake hand winch – engages upon release
FinishPowder coat, nickel plated hardware stainless steel slides
Freight Dimensions and Weight32 X 37 X 88″ (81 X 94 X 224 cm)
370 lbs./ 168 kg