About RackLift™

We manufacture switch lifting equipment to install heavy devices into cabinets.
We also build server rack movers to relocate fully loaded cabinets.
Our products make working in your data center safer, faster and easier.

Why Your Data Center Needs A RackLift™ Switch Lift

Some data centers still tackle a device lift by removing heavy parts  like power supplies and anything that unscrews to lighten the load for manual lifting. Four techs then wrestle with the device to raise it into place.

“Yes – archaic and risky, we agree.”

If nobody gets hurt and the equipment isn’t dropped, the parts are painstakingly reinstalled one at a time. A RackLift eliminates this unnecessary, time-consuming ritual. Instead of four technicians at risk, one person can safely do the entire job in half the time.

Since 2005 we’ve been supplying safer, faster solutions to modern data centers around the world.  We build ideal tools for data center relocation and maintenance.

When You Need Server Rack Lifting Equipment To Move A Loaded Data Center Cabinet Get The RL5000E

Without the RL5000E, moving a data cabinet required all devices to be removed first. Done manually this process takes several technicians the better part of a day. And that’s just to prepare the cabinet for transport. Once empty the cabinet could be relocated and all the devices reinstalled. Again – a considerable amount of time to reassemble its components.

Our solution is to leave all the devices in the cabinet, lift and relocate the entire load with the RL5000E Rack Lifter. One technician can accomplish this task in far less time it would take several to do it manually.

RackLift RL5000 Server Rack Lifter