About RackLift™

At RackLift™, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge switch lifting equipment, dedicated to effortlessly installing heavy devices into cabinets. Additionally, our expertise extends to crafting advanced server rack movers, specifically engineered to relocate fully loaded cabinets, making operations in your data center safer, faster, and more efficient.

Why Your Data Center Needs A RackLift™ Switch Lift

In some data centers, the traditional approach to device lifting involves the removal of heavy components like power supplies, followed by a manual lift that requires the coordination of four technicians. We acknowledge that this method is both archaic and risky. Our RackLift™ products eliminate this outdated and hazardous process, allowing a single person to safely complete the entire job in half the time.

Since our establishment in 2004, we have been at the forefront of providing safer and faster solutions to modern data centers worldwide. Our commitment lies in developing the ideal tools for data center relocation and maintenance.

When You Need Server Rack Lifting Equipment To Move A Loaded Data Center Cabinet Get The RL3500S or RL5000

Before the RL3500S or RL5000S, moving a data cabinet meant removing all devices manually, a time-consuming process requiring several technicians over the better part of a day. Our RL3500S or RL5000S Cabinet Lifter revolutionizes this by allowing all devices to remain in the cabinet during relocation. With this innovative solution, one technician can efficiently accomplish the task in significantly less time than a manual approach, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free process.

RackLift RL5000 Server Rack Lifter