RackLift Server Relocation Equipment

600RS Data Center Relocation Tool

A Vital Data Center Relocation Tool

We build data center tools to lift switches and also devices to lift 5,000 pound fully populated cabinets.

When your company needs to complete a data center relocation project, speed and efficiency are of the essence. Having equipment already in place makes a normally complicated transfer much simpler.

RackLift server relocation equipment is the premier solution for moving your system efficiently and with as few transfer issues as possible. For over a decade, our lift designs have transported data center devices for Fortune 100 companies, the federal government, major hospitals, and technologically advanced universities like Stanford.


RackLifts essentially function as elevators for your server equipment. The sliding lift table makes it easy to load heavy items because it slides out like a drawer. Then the hand winch allows you to lift a heavy device to any height within a data center cabinet.

Because data centers typically have narrow aisles, the RackLift has swivel wheels so it can rotate in all directions. That way, you have easy access to cabinets on either side of the aisle. You’ll also be able to maneuver down the aisle with ease because the base of the RackLift is only a little more than two feet square.

Despite taking up little space, RackLift has some serious lifting power. With your RackLift, you will be able to move up to 650 pounds of equipment with ease. Our lifts help to protect your staff from injury due to heavy lifting. Because they are so easy to use, you will require less staff to move equipment during your data center relocation.

Secure Your Equipment

Data Center Relocation

Lift And Move Fully Populated Cabinets

Not only does RackLift work to prevent employee injury, it also reduces the chance of damaging equipment during relocation. The extending lift table makes inserting and removing racks a simple task. That means you don’t have to worry about dropping or otherwise damaging servers during relocation.

To keep your people and equipment safe, RackLift uses security straps to secure the unit to the cabinets when lifting and lowering loads. The wheels have brakes to help stabilize the lift while installing servers.

Some of the biggest names in technology have made use of RackLift server relocation equipment to complete their projects. Whether it’s a smaller operation or an enterprise-level system, our lifts can help you with your data center relocation. Contact us to learn more about how our lifts can simplify your next move, or to request a price quote.