RackLift™ is specifically built to facilitate server deployment. Because of the size and weight of rack-mounted communications equipment data centers now require server moves to be performed with the use of data center server jack for safety reasons. Not only is the workplace safer, users are finding productivity gains in greater than 300 percent.

Using A RackLift Server Jack One Technician Can Complete A Task In Less Time Than It Normally Takes 3 Or 4 People To Do.

Not All Server Jacks Are Created Equally

Anyone of average physical strength can easily operate our manual server jacks. Using our high ratio gearing crank any of your people can lift a 650 pound device and install it into a rack unaided. When the user lets go of the handle the crank safely auto-locks.

Because of RackLift’s “tower style” design the unit can spin 360° in a two-tile aisle. Our competitors data center lifts have batteries, a gearbox, electric motors and control circuitry mounted at the rear, behind the “mast”. This makes their units about 51 percent longer than RackLift creating a footprint almost four feet long.   It looks small in the brochure but its a large frustration in narrow aisles.

The lift table extends 24 inches into the rack making installations and removals easy.  Our competitors’ server jacks only extend six inches.

When you want to lift heavy servers look no further than RackLift™.

RackLift™ has:

  • Security Straps For Enhanced Safety
  • 360˚ Rotation In Tight Aisles
  • Slide out Equipment Rack 24 Inches
  • Precise Height Control
  • An Economical Product selection

Keep It Simple – Get RackLift™ – A Basic Server Jack For A Basic Job

Serverlift with Open Back Design For Lifting Oversized Devices

RackLift Brand Data Center Lift