RackLift™ Data Center Relocation Tools

Lift Switches Into Cabinets

Lift And Shift Fully Loaded Cabinets

Speed and efficiency are of the essence when you need to complete a data center move. The right equipment makes the shift easier, faster and safe. For over a decade, our manual RL600 Series data center relocation tools have been used to move and install data center devices. Our electric RL5000E needs only a single operator to relocate fully loaded cabinets weighing up to 5,000 pounds. RackLift™ products are used around the world by Google, the military, Fortune 100 companies, universities, law enforcement, cable operators, hospitals, and all levels of government.

Safety And Speed

RackLift™ products are specifically designed as professional data center relocation tools.   The 400 and 600  Series device lifts can be strapped to the cabinet for maximum safety as they function as an elevator to raise your servers to the precise level for rack insertion. The wheels have breaks to help stabilize the lift while installing servers.

Thanks to the open-back design of the model 600RS, larger and longer servers can now be loaded in from the front or backside of the unit.  Your expensive equipment remains centered and balanced during transport.  The lift table makes it easy to insert heavy items into the rack space. It slides into the cabinet nearly two feet, just like a drawer, as it supports the load.  Warehouse lifts are unsafe and not at all suitable for lifting data center equipment. Some lifters have lift tables that are limited to only 6 inches of travel making them difficult to use.  Our hand winch, with its high-ratio gearing, allows anybody to lift a heavy device for easy insertion into a data center cabinet.

Because many data centers have very narrow aisles, RackLift™ uses a “tower-style” design with four swivel wheels that glide in any direction. In fact, it can rotate 360° in a two-tile aisle. This gives you easy access to cabinets on either side of the aisle. You’ll also be able to effortlessly maneuver around corners since the RackLift™ footprint is so small.

Despite taking up little space, RackLift™ provides serious lifting power. It will lift up to 650 pounds of equipment with ease. Our lifts help to protect your staff from injury due to heavy lifting. They are very easy to use so, you’ll need less staff to move equipment during your data center relocation.

RackLift – the professional data center relocation tool to lift fully loaded cabinets.

RackLift – the professional data center relocation tool to lift servers into racks.

Secure Your Equipment

Not only does RackLift™ work to prevent employee injury, it also reduces the chance of damaging equipment during relocation. The extending lift table makes inserting and removing devices a simple task. That means you don’t have to worry about dropping or damaging servers during relocation.

Why Choose RackLift™ Over Other Data Center Relocation Tools?

RackLift™ is purpose built for data centers to improve productivity and safety.  The RackLift™ 600C can be built to a custom height – shorter for PODs or taller for high racks. The RL5000 lifts and moves entire cabinets – fully loaded so your people don’t need to dismantle everything just to move it.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Lift Oversized Loads
  • Tower Style Design For Smallest Possible Footprint
  • Safety Straps For Enhanced Safety
  • Insertion Table With 23 Inch Insertion Distance
  • Options For Customization
  • Lower Cost
  • Lift Entire Cabinets With The RL5000

Keep It Simple – Get RackLift™ – A Basic Tool For A Basic Job.