A Data Center Equipment Lift For Faster, Safer Installations

RackLift™ is a data center equipment lift that’s so maneuverable it can spin 360° a two-tile aisle. Try that with any other brand of data center lift!

This is a purpose built data center equipment lift. It was designed specifically for equipment handling in the data center or cable head end. The size and weight of rack-mounted equipment and batteries is constantly growing. Rack mounting now requires the use of a data center equipment lift for safety reasons. It’s no longer for convenience – it has become a necessity. Aside from a safer workplace, data center managers are finding productivity gains in the range of 300 to 400 percent.

With RackLift one technician can complete a task in less time than it would normally take three or four people to do. (400% Gain)

Using a RackLift also improves employee morale because your valuable personnel are no longer expected to risk injury in the performance of their duties.

installing servers now requires the use of a data center equipment lift for safety reasons.

Data Center Equipment Lift – Safety Features

The manual RL600 series use a patented hi-ratio safety winch to make installations and removals easy. Any technician of average physical strength can easily accomplish a 650 pound lift. The winch is equipped with an auto-brake. When the desired rack height is reached the technician simply releases the handle. Then they effortlessly slide the lift table and equipment into the rack for mounting. The lift is done with no strain, pain or risk of dropped equipment. The RL600 series is the ideal manually-operated equipment handling lift for heavy loads.  A standard safety component included with our lifting equipment is a set of safety straps. They should be included with every data center equipment lift but they’re not. They are used to secure RackLift to the cabinet. For added safety the wheels have a braking mechanism to engage during lifts. We advise against using general purpose equipment lifts. They simply lack the safety and convenience features of a purpose built data center equipment lift.

Easy Maneuverability

RackLift is built using a “tower-style” design and that’s why it can spin 360° in a two-tile aisle. One of the most important characteristics of any data center switch lift is its footprint. RackLift’s footprint is a mere 34 inches by 26 inches. Some lifters on the market are almost four feet in length and weigh in at 530 pounds empty making them very difficult to navigate through tight aisles. These are factors prudent data center managers consider before placing any data center equipment lift. RackLift RL600 series products weigh less than 350 pounds.

Don’t Let Your Employees Risk Injury

As rack equipment grows in size and weight so too grows the risk of serious employee injuries and equipment damage. That’s why leading data centers depend on RackLift. For your next equipment lift or server migration don’t chance unsafe practices with valuable employees. Give them the right tool to accomplish the critical task of lifting heavy equipment. Give them a RackLift – the data center equipment lift that’s purpose built.

Purpose Built In America. Used In Data Centers Throughout The World.