Lifting Switches In Your Container Data Center or PODs

Ask anyone that’s worked inside a data center container and they’ll tell you it brings new meaning to the words “cramped quarters.”  Installing servers in a container server room comes with advanced challenges. The aisle is very narrow making it difficult and dangerous to install or remove devices manually. Even side-loading lifts are incredibly awkward to use in modular data centers, especially if the lift table does not fully extend into the rack.  A container data center device lifter is built specifically for that task.

The RL600C Lifter Is Built To A Custom Height To Suit Your Container Server Rooms

It was designed specifically for the shipping container data center with a modest footprint of only 28 by 26 inches. The RL600C is a front loading device lifter. The lift table extends a full 24 inches into your data racks. This feature alone enables one technician to safely and quickly complete the job unaided.

The RL600C is typically ordered at a height of 74 inches. Measure your door and give us a call. With a lifting capacity of 650 pounds the RL600C is a container data center lifting tool that handles your toughest requirements. It’s a manual unit for simple, easy operation in the container. Click the Get A Quote button to have a cost and shipping estimate sent to your in-box.

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