Mitigating Safety Risks In The Data Center

Moving IT equipment often presents a complex physical challenge. The size and weight of servers, chassis, equipment and routers in today’s environment can often exceed 400 lbs.  Now, more than ever, companies are placing a large emphasis on the health and safety of their employees. Considering the complexity of these moves and risk of personal injury, companies must always consider the safety of their employees as a top priority.

With this in mind, corporations of any size should take every opportunity to minimize any risk where possible. There are numerous risks associated with the traditional moving of IT hardware, and they include: damage to expensive equipment; unannounced audits by ministry inspectors; possible fees and fines; physical harm to employees; disability costs; insurance fee increases, and lawsuits.

Businesses in today’s market are more focused than ever before on reducing costs where possible and increasing margins. The innovative RackLift design allows for a drastic reduction in resources while significantly improving the safety for employees. The RackLift helps reduce both time and effort when moving or installing IT hardware weighing over 50 lb. (the maximum weight the ministry has deemed allowable for one individual to lift), with a total capacity of 450 lb.

The RackLift addresses both safety and costs by making the handling of heavy IT equipment seem like child’s play. Now, anyone can move heavy IT equipment to and from IT racks, safely and with ease. The secret behind this revolutionary product is the reinforced steel and balanced weight distribution. The RL600S costing less than $6000.00, this product can help save companies of any size both time and money.

With such a simple yet innovative solution to moving heavy IT equipment, it’s a wonder there is not at least one RackLift in every server room across the country.

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