If You Are Considering A ServerLIFT® SL-500X
You May Already Know About Some Of Its Drawbacks

(It’s The Ones You’re Not Aware Of That May Disappoint You)


ServerLIFT® SL-500X Lifting Capacity Is Only 500 Pounds ​

The ServerLIFT® SL-500C and ServerLIFT® SL-500X are rated to lift 500 pounds. That may do the job today but it won’t be sufficient in a few short years. RackLift RL600 Series are rated to 650 pounds. RackLift provides 23% more lifting capacity for almost half the cost.

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RackLift Is Much Smaller Than ServerLIFT® SL-500X

The ServerLift SL-500X is not equipped with safety straps.

The ServerLIFT® SL-500X is 51% longer than our RackLift RL600 series product.

There are distinct differences among data center server lift devices. A critical concern is the size of the device – specifically its footprint. RackLift’s footprint is a mere 34 inches by 26 inches. This allows 360° rotation in a two-tile aisle!

By comparison the ServerLIFT® SL-500X** is 47 inches long by 24 inches wide. Think about dragging a heavy, 4-foot by 2-foot trolley around your data center. Maneuvering that extra foot of ServerLIFT® bulk and weight around tight corners and narrow data center aisles will be much more challenging than guiding a RackLift into position.

The ServerLIFT® SL-500X has batteries, motors and circuitry located behind the lift “mast” which increases the length of the unit by about 51 percent more than RackLift.* (see note 1) What looks small in the advertisement is a huge frustration in narrow aisles. Their manual version uses a similar chassis to that of the ServerLIFT® SL-500X creating a large footprint on those units too.

Our Safety Straps Protect Workers And Equipment

When lifting or installing equipment, ratchet straps are used to temporarily fasten the RackLift frame to the cabinet. Every data center equipment lift should come with safety straps to protect workers during a lift. A floor brake alone offers little safety – especially for heavy loads. According to the ServerLIFT® SL-500X manual* “…the stabilizer brake is not to provide braking but to impart sideways stability…” The ServerLIFT® SL-500X design does not facilitate the use of safety straps as it has no frame from which to attach to the cabinet.

The ServerLIFT® SL-500X is 51% longer than our RackLift RL600 series product.

RackLift Provides A 23-Inch Insertion Distance,
ServerLIFT® SL-500X Has Six Inches


Compare RackLift to ServerLift SL-500X and see the benefits for yourself.

Since RackLift is secured to the cabinet you also gain the unique ability to insert your load a full 23 inches into the receiving rack space. The lift table is attached to military grade gliders that fully extend and hold the load securely in position during the bolt-in phase. It is the only way a single technician can completely and safely install equipment from beginning to end. The ServerLIFT® SL-500X insertion is confined to six inches. The limited six-inch travel is likely to prevent the unit and load from toppling since the ServerLIFT® design does not facilitate strapping in.   In order to insert the load beyond six inches the user is left to grunt, push and drag it the rest of the way.

Why Choose RackLift Instead?

The RackLift 600C can be built to a custom height – taller for high racks or shorter for PODs.

RackLift manual systems are easily operated by anyone with average physical strength. With our high ratio gearing crank anyone can lift a 650 pound device and install it into a rack without help.  Stretch your budget – unless you constantly lift heavy servers you probably just need a basic manual RackLift.
Each unit comes with the benefits of:

  • Tower style design for smallest possible footprint
  • Safety straps for enhanced safety
  • Insertion table with 23 inch insertion distance
  • Options for customization
  • Lower cost

Keep It Simple – Get RackLift – A Basic Tool For A Basic Job.


*Note 1:*SL-500X Server Lifter SL500C length increases by 51% due to motors, batteries and associates circuitry.

*Note 2: (A) ServerLIFT® SL500 owner’s manual indicates, among other things, charging batteries must be done every 2 weeks regardless if the unit has been used or not, (B) changing winch oil annually by siphoning oil with a “standard pump”. (C) Full battery warranty is limited to only 90 days.

(Source ServerLIFT® Operators-Manual_CS_11-22-2010 from serverlift.com)

*Note: ServerLIFT® is a trademark of Serverlift Corporation