Not All Rack lifts Are Created Equally

The rack lift you choose should adhere to these criteria. See if you agree.

  1. It needs to be simple and easy to operate
  2. It should practically eliminate the risk of injury to data center workers
  3. It should not break your budget

There are distinct disadvantages and advantages among various rack lifts on the market today. Some manufacturers may try to woo you with expensive bells and whistles that are not necessary.

In Your Data Center Simpler Is Better
This Applies To Your Rack Lifts Too

A Rack Lift designed for ease of use in the data center by RackLift. Competitive models are cumbersome.

The Model 600RS Can Rotate 360° In A Two-Tile Aisle

Our manual 600RS model rack lift is easily operated by anyone with average physical strength. Any of your people can lift a 650 pound device with our high ratio gearing crank and install it into a rack unaided. For safety the crank auto-locks when the user lets go of the handle.  The bi-directional lift table slides in either direction, making loading devices onto the unit easier.  It extends two feet into the cabinet for easy installation.  The open-back design facilitates the transport of over-sized loads centered and balanced on the lift table.

Size is another important factor. RackLift™ can spin 360° in a two-tile aisle because it’s a “tower style” design. Competitive models have their batteries, motors, gearbox and control circuitry at the rear, behind the “mast” which makes their units about 51 percent longer than RackLift.  This creates a footprint about four feet in length.   What looks compact in the brochure can become a huge frustration in narrow aisles.

We recommend a “tower style” rack lift; specifically the RackLift 600RS.

Keep it simple – get a basic tool for a basic job. That’s RackLift.

* Note 1:

An excerpt from our competitors operator manual:

(A) Regular maintenance for motorized units include charging batteries every 2 weeks even if they have not been used, (B) changing winch oil annually “by siphoning oil using a standard pump”. (C) Battery warranty is limited to only 90 days.

(Source; Operators-Manual_CS_11-22-2010)