RackLift is a data center lift that can spin 360° in a two-tile aisle.
RackLift Brand Data Center Lift

Don’t ever allow your data center technicians to manually lift a server. Lift servers only with a proper data center lift like the RackLift 600RS.

RackLift™ products are purpose built to facilitate server installations. The size and weight of rack-mounted communications equipment requires a server move to be done with a data center equipment lift for safety reasons. Injuries can occur even when lifting a 50 pound server. Lift related injuries such as sprains and herniated discs can seriously disable valued employees. Aside from a safer workplace, RackLift users are finding productivity gains in the range of 300 to 400 percent and here’s how:

With RackLift One Technician Completes The Job Faster Than It Used To Take 3 Or 4 To Do

Our manual data center lifts can easily be operated by anyone with average physical strength. Any one of your employees can install a 650 pound device thanks to our high ratio gearing crank. They can do this completely unaided. The crank safely locks the load in place when the user lets go of the handle.  For enhanced safety RackLift comes with safety straps to fasten the unit to the cabinet for maximum stability when lifting a server. Lift systems that use only a “floor brake” are simply too dangerous to hoist a 600 pound device above your head.

What About The Hassle Factor?

Although safety is important you must also consider ease of use; especially if your data center has narrow aisles and tight corners.  RackLift uses a “tower style” design.  This allows it to spin 360° in a two-tile aisle. The competitor’s motorized lifts have batteries, motors, a gearbox and control circuitry all mounted at the rear, behind the “mast”. This makes their units about 51 percent longer than RackLift creating a footprint nearly four feet long.   Their marketing department does a great job of making it look small in the brochure but rest assured, navigating a four-foot Sasquatch of a machine in your data center will become a huge frustration in narrow aisles.

Our lift table extends 24 inches into the rack making installations and removals easy.  Our competitors only extend six inches.

Before you lift another data center server, lift your finger and click for our FREE Data Center Lift Guide. It covers topics like Safety, Practicality And Cost Savings.  It also comes with a handy Feature Comparison of all our popular lifts.

When you want to lift heavy servers look no further than RackLift™.

If you need to lift entire, fully-loaded cabinets see our RL5000E.  Instead of removing every server, lift and shift the entire cabinet – servers and all.

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Feature Summary:

  • Security Straps For Enhanced Safety
  • 360˚ Rotation In Tight Aisles
  • Slide out Equipment Rack 24 Inches
  • Precise Height Control
  • An Economical Product Selection

Keep It Simple – Get RackLift™ – A Basic Data Center Lift For A Basic Job