RL600S – 650lb Manual Server Lift

The RL600S Manual Server Equipment Lift was created to fill the need to more safely, easily and productively lift up to 650 pounds in a datacenter or head end facility.

Please see our specifications below for details.

For a manual Equipment Lift please see our RackLift Manual Equipment models:
For a shortened version designed for “container data centers” or “PODs” see our model RL600C.

RackLift RL600S Benefits

  • Lift Up To 650 Pounds
  • Slide Equipment 24 Inches Into Rack On Glide Rails
  • 360˚ Rotation In Tight Aisles
  • Far Less Expensive Than Powered Units
  • No Electrical Components To Fail
  • No Batteries To Charge
  • Light Weight, Small Footprint
  • Reduces Lost-Time Injuries
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Equipment Damage
  • Accurate Alignment
  • Easy-To-Use Powerful Hand Crank
  • Crank Auto-Locks When Handle Is Released
  • Precise Height Control
  • Fits Into Standard 19″ Racks
  • Security Straps For Enhanced Safety

Improved Safety & Productivity

Rack mounted equipment has been growing in size and weight recently contributing to more serious employee injuries and equipment damage when dropped. Container style data centers depend on RackLift to improve safety during server installations. They also enjoy the added benefit of a 400% increase in productivity.

Here’s Why

Racklift Server Lift

Without RackLift, heavy servers are laboriously stripped of power supplies, fans, modules and anything that can be unscrewed and unplugged in an effort to make them lighter. Three or four technicians lift the device and hold it in place while another fastens it to the rack. This is followed by the reinstallation and connection of all the previously removed components. This time-consuming, labor-intensive task can be accomplished in half the time with a single technician installing a fully assembled device.

How It Works

Three simple steps:

Step 1

Place the equipment to be installed on the RackLift platen


Step 2

Crank the winch to raise the load to the required level


Step 3

Slide it up to 24 inches into the rack for mounting


RackLift utilizes important safety features to help protect users and equipment. The safety winch utilizes an auto break system which locks instantly when the user releases the handle. RackLift is equipped with four ratchet straps to fasten RackLift to the rack housing and also to secure the load during transport. Four swivel casters allow for easy rolling, cornering and even 360˚ rotation in the aisle. Two of the wheels lock to prevent movement when raising or lowering loads. Heavy duty slide rails easily extend and hold the load in the receiving rack for installation or removal.

RackLift RL600S Specifications

Heavy Duty Manual  Server or Battery Lift For Data Centers
Lifting Capacity 650 lbs./295 kg
Lifting Height Lifts to 40RU
Rack size supported 19 to 23 inch with optional adapter plates
Insertion Distance Extends 24 inches into receiving rack
Insertion Clearance Height 1.70 inches 4.3 cm
RackLift Spin Radius RackLift rotates in the aisle  42.2” inches/107 cm
Height 82.75 in/210 cm
Width 28 in/71 cm
Depth 25 in/63 cm
Weight 370 lbs./168 kg
Lift System Safety Auto Brake hand winch – auto-lock upon release
Finish Powder Coat, Nickel Plated Hardware Stainless Steel Slides
Freight Dimensions and Weight 32 X 37 X H88″ 420 lbs./191 kg