Looking For Data Center Lift Rental?

Need to lift a heavy server? Lift rental may be what you’re looking for but here’s an alternative you may want to consider;
We have the equipment and skilled technicians to do the entire job for you.  Whether it’s one server that has to be installed in a rack, or a fully loaded rack that needs to be relocated, we can help you.  You can choose to wire it yourself or have our people do it.

Next time you need to lift a server, lift rental with people and equipment may be your optimal solution.  This frees your staff to continue with other important tasks. This service is currently only available in Ontario, Canada.

Safety For Your People

Using our services, you avoid the risks to your personnel that are associated with manually lifting a server. Lift should only be accomplished with a device made specifically for the data center, such as the RackLift™ 600RS.  The ideal tool to lift servers.

RackLift 600RS

RackLift Brand Data Center Lift

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How To Move Populated Server Racks

If you need to lift entire, fully-loaded cabinets check out the RackLift™ RL5000E cabinet lifter.  Instead of removing every server, lift the entire cabinet – servers and all.  We can provide the service and expertise to accomplish that for you.

RackLift™ is a trademark of BIAC Broadband USA Inc.  RackLift products were developed over the years as tools to help BIAC technicians work safely and efficiently in our clients’ data centers.

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