RackLift RL700E Specifications

lift batteries for data center UPS backup systems

RackLift Battery Lifter

RackLift is an indispensable tool for data centers and head end facilities. A 3-step system allows you to quickly, safely and easily install batteries or communications equipment into a rack.  Place the load on the RackLift teflon platen, raise it to the desired level and slide it off the teflon surface into the rack shelf for mounting.

For your convenience and safety the unit is equipped with an auto break system which locks instantly when the user disengages the switch. RackLift contains 4 ratchet straps to secure the load for transport and to fasten RackLift to the shelves or racks during lifts.  Four swivel casters allow for easy rolling and cornering.  Two of them lock to prevent movement when raising or lowering loads.

Model: RL700E
Description: Heavy Duty Low Voltage DC Powered Server or Battery Lift For Data Centers
Lifting Capacity 750 lbs./340 kg
Lifting Height Lifts to 45RU
Rack size supported 19 to 23 inch with optional adapter plates
Insertion Distance Sliding Tray Optional, adds lifts height to 46U
Insertion Clearance Height N/A
RackLift Spin Radius RackLift rotates in the aisle  44.2” inches/112 cm
Height 92.75 in/236 cm
Width 28 in/71 cm
Depth 25 in/63 cm
Weight 370 lbs./168 kg
Lift System Safety DC Battery  winch – auto-lock
Finish Powder Coat, Nickel Plated Hardware
Freight Dimensions and Weight 32 X 39 X H104″ 498 lbs./226 kg