How It Was Done Before RackLift

The old way of doing things was to remove heavy components like power supplies and fans from servers and switches to lighten the load for manual lifting by four technicians. Once the device was mounted into the rack these parts had to be painstakingly reinstalled. RackLift™ eliminates this unnecessary, time-consuming ritual by enabling one technician to install a fully assembled device from beginning to end in half the time that previously took four employees.  For the past ten years we’ve been supplying a safer, faster solution that is now in most smart DataCenters Nationwide.

Data Center Equipment Migration Is Quick, Safe And Easy With RackLift

RackLift™ is purpose built in the USA to handle any relocation project with speed and confidence.  RackLift™ 400 and 600 series lifters are manual devices.  Anyone of average strength can raise and install a 650 pound load using the RL600.  For data centers that are frequently moving heavy loads our electric RL650 may be a more convenient alternative.  All models are a “tower design” which have a very small footprint to allow easy navigation in the tightest aisles.  In fact, they’ll spin 360˚ in a two-tile aisle.


RackLift™ is ideal for large scale moves and lifting heavy equipment through narrow data center aisle ways. It easily moves the most challenging servers, tackling the heavy lifting that your staff shouldn’t even consider attempting.

During manual lifting, personal injury is accompanied by involuntary muscle retraction resulting in dropped equipment and the associated cost of repair or replacement.

Safely Manage Your Enterprise Servers With Ease

As rack equipment grows in size and weight so too grow the risks of serious employee injury and equipment damage. That’s why leading data centers depend on RackLift™ . During your next data center migration or relocation, don’t risk unsafe practices with your valuable employees. Leave the critical task of migrating heavy enterprise servers to RackLift™ .  By giving your people the proper tools to work safely you are also increasing their productivity by as much as 400%.

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Read Our Testimonials


Dan Ford
Maintenance TechnicianRogers_Logo_Small
Rogers Communications                                                       Dan is responsible for the proper operation of his data center and for the safety of his workers. His motivation for buying RackLift was to improve safety and also gain efficiency when removing and installing equipment in racks. See what he has to say in this 27 second video clip.

“What once took 3 to 4 people 2 hours to do,
can now be done with one technician
in only thirty minutes.”

Wil Stassen
Business Development Executive – Data Centers

“This is a brilliant idea. Every Data Center
should have one on site!”
 Steven_Robinson xtera

Steve Robinson
Corporate Development – Xtera Communications

“Moore’s Law is inverted – seems every 18 months routers and telecom gear double in weight! This lift should be a mandatory health and safety item anywhere there is a rack that needs filling.”