Dan Ford
Maintenance TechnicianRogers_Logo_Small
Rogers Communications
Toronto, CanadaHe is responsible for the proper operation of his data center and for the safety of his workers.His motivation for buying RackLift was to improve safety and also gain efficiency when removing and installing equipment in racks.See what he has to say in this 27 second video clip.

“What once took 3 to 4 people 2 hours to do,
can now be done with one technician
in only thirty minutes.”


Wil Stassen
Business Development Executive – Data Centre Solutions
Toronto, Canada

“This is a brilliant idea. Every data center should have one on site!”
 Steven_Robinson xtera

Steve Robinson
Corporate Development – Xtera Communications
Toronto, Canada

“Moore’s Law is inverted – seems every 18 months routers and telecom gear double in weight! This lift should be a mandatory health and safety item anywhere there is a rack that needs filling.”